Summer Snacks on the Go

Summer Snacks on the Go

Summer is the time to get out there and explore! Water fun is a must; from pools or sprinklers in the yard to lakes or the beach – cooling off and letting loose with friends and family is a summer staple. Summer is also a great time to meet up with friends and let the kids romp around the local playground. And, who doesn’t love a road trip?! Pack up the car and your favorite people and make some memories. Whatever your plans are this summer, don’t forget to pack snacks that will keep you satisfied all summer long!

Grab a bag!

OMG! Pretzels are the perfect standalone snack, so simply grab a bag (or two) of your favorite flavors to enjoy. The resealable top makes our gourmet sourdough pretzel nuggets easy for snacking on the go all day or weekend long. Plus, the bold seasonings and crave-worthy crunch will keep your snack cravings in check. Bags of dried fruit or your favorite jerky are also nice for summer snacking when you want something chewy to enjoy.

Mix it up!

If you like different flavors and textures in your snacks, mix up a batch of trail mix before you hit the road. Making your own is simple and it allows you to control the ingredients inside for a healthier pretzel snack. We have a few fun varieties of trail mix using our gourmet pretzels for you to try. Be sure to store the pretzel-tastic trail mix in an airtight container, so that everything stays fresh.

Pair a protein!

Make your pretzel snacking healthier when you pair our gourmet pretzels with a protein like hummus, nut butter, Greek yogurt or cheese. Store bought to-go packs of these items make healthy snacking on the go super easy! Some of our favorite options are:

Indulge yourself!

Summer might be bathing suit season, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a gourmet sweet pretzel snack. Before you head out, drizzle Sweet & Salty or Salty Butterscotch OMG! Pretzels with dark and white chocolate. Be sure to let them cool and put them in airtight containers with a little parchment paper to keep them from sticking. Or, make our pretzel inside surprise peanut butter cups for your gourmet summer road trip snacks.

Wherever you’re headed this summer, be sure to take seriously scrumptious snacks with you! 

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