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The company is named “OMG Pretzels" because each time someone pops one of our gourmet pretzel bites into their mouth the words “Oh My Goodness” come popping out. This is how Ridiculously Delicious they are. But don’t just take our word for it, try them for yourself. We guarantee neither you nor your customers will be disappointed and you too will say “OMG” every time you pop one into your mouth.

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Here's what OMG Pretzels fans are saying

I just wanted to let you know how much my family loves and relies on your products. We truly appreciate your values and quality ingredients. Yours are the only pretzels we’ll buy! We are insanely proud of your brand and recommend it to all our friends. Keep up the great work!

Stephanie Lawlor

My daughter and her husband got me a six month Pennsylvania Pretzel subscription for Christmas. The last two months one of the selections was OMG. Last month it was Old Bay and this month it’s Garlic. Your pretzels are amazing. I always loved sourdough nuggets but with your seasonings it brings them to a whole new level. I plan on ordering more once the subscription finishes. Looking forward to enjoying them a lot more.

Ted Comstock

I picked up some of these, and the Cheddar Jalapeno at my hotel (Spring Hill Suites in Plymouth Meeting). OMG... these are CRACK!!! I ate half the bag and had to force myself to put them away so my wife and son could have some.... he loves the cheddar jalapeno, she the garlic. Now I have to buy more as well as trying some of the other flavors.

Allen Kuusela

When visiting a friend in Collegeville, PA I came across these amazing OMG Pretzels. I liked them so much I ordered some mailed to me in Florida. Garlic are my favorite, they go great with cold beer! Thanks for a delicious snack!

Sal Passalaqua

Picked up the garlic, man what a great tasting pretzel and made locally! Got them at Kunda and will be getting these again for sure!

Joe Marcellino

My name is Phil Billetta. I love your pretzels. My girlfriend really loves them too so i just wanted to reach out and tell you how amazing they are. I purchase your pretzels at Foresta's Meat market in Phoenixville, PA, and will continue to do so. I'm actually making a web purchase after I'm done writing this message. Again, thanks for these pretzels that literally make me say "omg", with every bite.

Phil Billetta

These pretzels are crazy delicious! I literally said OMG before I read the label with your company name. I will for sure be a customer. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Katrina Perry

I want to leave my testimonial for others so they know how great of a product you have. I always buy the Garlic flavored as I LUV them to pieces! If you like garlic, these pretzels hit the mark! Keep up the good work!

Dug Harpster

I'm halfway done my first bag of Garlic Sourdough, bought at Collegeville Italian Bakery. HOLY WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Smith

One word, mouthwatering, OMG Pretzels are amazing the perfect amount of sweet and salty. They are perfect for the office, at home or even on a road trip!

Amber Shong

My husband and I really love OMG Pretzels. We have them as casual snacks quite often and are absolutely addicted to them! When I buy a new bag I usually buy a second bag to take as a hostess gift when we are invited to visit friends. I especially recommend the Ridiculously Delicious Garlic Sourdough flavor.

Marilyn Bonner

OMG Pretzels are a family favorite! Our three young children all fight for them and they are a great easy appetizer bite for guests. They don't last long around our house.

Eric and Joan Wertz

My Mom shared a bag of OMG Sweet and Salty Pretzels with me during a road trip, needless to say that the entire bag was gone before we reached our destination. I now keep a bag on hand at all times. It's the perfect snack to fulfill all my cravings. You get the crunchy, you get the sweet, you get the salty, what more can you ask for!

Venita H.

OMG Pretzels are so fresh and crunchy and the garlic is perfect! I love eating them while watching sports on TV. They are even great dipped in a little hot mustard.

Larry S.