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Made with a lot of love, carefully-crafted family recipes and wholesome ingredients, our gourmet seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets are the perfect standalone snack, an elegant enhancement for entertaining, and a delicious addition to your favorite recipes. As a certified women- and family-owned business, OMG! Pretzels is proud to use only premium ingredients and for our products to be 100% made in America.

Positively Poppable

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Bold Seasonings

Our unique and innovative blends fully coat each of our pretzel nuggets for the ultimate snacking experience.

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Premium Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients in our seasoning blends - including raw cane sugar and non-GMO spices.

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Mouthwatering Taste

Our elevated seasoning blends lend multi-faceted and gourmet flavor to satisfy any snack craving.

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Craveworthy Crunch

There’s something so satisfying about the sound our pretzel nuggets make when you take a bite.

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Carefully Crafted

Made with a lot of love, OMG! Pretzels bring people together and inspire joy over shared moments of delicious, gourmet snacking.

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Sensational Sourdough

Our pretzel nuggets are crunchy miniature sourdough loaves.

Sourdough, unlike other doughs, is made by fermenting flour and water (rather than adding yeast) to create a leaven. This process helps to unlock important nutrients in the dough, including B12, iron, fiber, and protein. Sourdough is one of the healthy carbs that you can feel good about enjoying!

Seriously Scrumptious

Sweet & Salty Pretzels
Sweet Pretzels

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our insanely indulgent sweet varieties. From classic flavors of cinnamon-sugar in our Sweet & Salty or the rich caramel notes of our Salty Butterscotch to more exotic combinations like Sweet & Spicy or Sweet Chili, these sweet seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets carry our signature crave-worthy crunch for love at first bite. 

Chesapeake Spice Pretzels
Savory Pretzels

If it's seriously scrumptious snacking you're after, you've come to the right place! Our savory seasoning blends are carefully crafted so that you can enjoy the ultimate snacking experience. From our flagship Garlic flavor to our newest variety Buffalo, our savory seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets will keep your taste buds happy and coming back for more. 


Yes, our gourmet seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets are made in a kosher facility.

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