From Kitchen to Shelf

We bring our love-at-first-bite flavor and crave-worthy crunch to the world, earning a place in the hearts and pantries of snack lovers everywhere, including you!

At OMG! Pretzels, we know first impressions are everything, especially when it comes to snacking and feeding family and friends. That’s why we take special care to ensure that every last bit of our carefully crafted, seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets deliver mouthwatering taste. Our pretzel nuggets are the perfect standalone snack, an elegant enhancement for entertaining, and a delicious addition to your favorite recipes. 

With a wide range of bold, gourmet flavors and our iconic, crave-worthy crunch, our seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets are guaranteed to make you a true believer in love at first bite. OMG! Pretzels is a woman-owned, family-run company that specializes in creating the perfect sensory snacking experience that every snack lover dreams about!  

We’ve come a long way! Officially founded in 2014, our flagship Garlic Pretzels were being made by hand, two pans at a time in our family’s kitchen. Fast forward to now, we have an exciting line-up of savory and sweet seriously scrumptious flavors that are available at retail locations nationwide and here on our website. 

While we are extremely proud of our growth, we remain committed to providing you with a premium pretzel snack made with lots of love! 

Once you pop one in your mouth, “OMG!” comes popping out! ®

Lynn and Stephanie Kriebel

History of OMG! Pretzels

How We Started

While we officially became a company in 2014 with our flagship Garlic flavor coming to market, OMG! Pretzels have really been around for decades as a family favorite snack for the kids after school, for guests at parties and for friends as gifts. Our humble beginnings in our home’s kitchen - two pans in the oven - slowly grew to commercial facilities and regional sales.

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OMG! How We’ve Grown

In the past several years, we’ve added eight additional bold and unique seasoning blends to our line-up. With aspirations of becoming a global brand, Co-Founder Stephanie became CEO in 2019 and took things to the next level, establishing solid relationships with co-manufacturing and retail partners. OMG! Pretzels are available here on our website and at retailers nationwide.

Where We’re Going

As they say, the best is yet to come and we truly believe that! We know that our focus on premium ingredients and carefully crafted products will continue to help our company grow. OMG! Pretzels is poised to be the pinnacle of gourmet pretzels in the world and we are glad you’re along for the ride.

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