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Why our sourdough pretzel nuggets are the best snack

OMG! Pretzels are unlike any other pretzel you’ve tasted. We use only premium whole nuggets and ingredients to create a superior snack. What sets us apart from other pretzels is that our flavor is maintained throughout the entire snacking experience due to our generous seasoning. Our pretzels come in a variety of bold and innovative flavors that please any palate. Shop our mouthwatering sweet, salty, and spicy blends and choose the one that best appeals to your taste buds. Our eight varieties include Garlic, Sweet & Salty, Chesapeake Spice, Lemon Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, Cheddar Jalapeño, Salty Butterscotch, and Sweet Chili.

These gourmet snacks can be paired with an elegant cheese plate or enjoyed with a simple glass of wine or craft beer for a relaxing night in with friends. Our pretzels are also fabulous in kids’ lunches and on-the-go snacking for the whole family. One thing is certain, once you pop one in in your mouth “OMG!” will come popping out! Shop now!

We are proud to be a women- and family-owned business on a mission to bring quality, variety and sophistication to a classic snack that’s loved by so many. We’ve been recognized by PA Eats, we won the Happening List’s 2019 Best Specialty Food Award and are members of the Specialty Food Association. Learn more about how we got our start and what makes our pretzels special.

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