Salty Butterscotch Pretzels


Dessert time, meet snacktime! Our delectable Salty Butterscotch pretzels are the perfect solution to your sweet tooth cravings, leaving a lasting creamy taste on the tip of your tongue! Tastes just like the savory candies that Grandma would share!

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Dessert time, meet snack time! Our delectable Salty Butterscotch Pretzels are one-of-a-kind and the perfect solution to your sweet tooth cravings. These pretzel nuggets leave a familiar flavor on the tip of your tongue that tastes just like the homemade candies Grandma would share! The crunch of OMG! Pretzels gourmet pretzels makes snacking fun. Our innovative and bold flavors make these sourdough pretzel bites ridiculously delicious! The perfect on-the-go snack, OMG! Pretzels can conquer any craving - salty, sweet, spicy, or anything in between. If you like gourmet pretzel snacks, you’ll love OMG! Pretzels. But don’t take our word for it, try them yourself. Once you pop one in your mouth, “OMG!” comes popping out! OMG offers a variety of adventurously flavored pretzels to cover every pretzel taste and palate, including… Garlic Pretzels, Sweet & Salty Pretzels, Chesapeake Spice Pretzels, Cheddar Jalapeno Pretzels, Sweet & Spicy Pretzels, Lemon Pepper Pretzels, Salty Butterscotch Pretzels, and Sweet Chili Pretzels. OMG! Pretzels can be purchased online or found in a leading retail store near you.


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