Sourdough Snacks

Simple & Satisfying Sourdough Snacks

April 1st is National Sourdough Bread Day. Remember a year ago when people were sharing sourdough bread starter with one another and learning how to bake bread to pass the time during the pandemic? Well, as we are returning to normal life, there’s no reason we can’t still enjoy and celebrate the deliciousness that is Sourdough! After all, OMG! Pretzels are gourmet sourdough pretzel nuggets. 

Here are some ideas for simple and satisfying sourdough snacks:

Sourdough & Soup

We’re all picturing it – the bread bowl with piping hot soup inside. It’s warm and comforting. To take a shortcut on this sourdough snack while adding a bit of crunch, trade in the bread bowl for some of our gourmet, flavored sourdough proutons on top. Some of our favorite pairings are: 

Sourdough & Dip

Another popular use for the Sourdough boule (bread bowl) is to hollow it out as a serving dish for spinach artichoke dip;  you can use the cubes from the center as dippers along with fresh vegetables. This is another gourmet snack idea that you can adapt with our crunchy sourdough pretzel nuggets. Whether the dip is hot or cold, serve with OMG! Garlic Pretzels for dipping. And, spread the Sourdough love by serving in a Sourdough bread bowl. After all, is there such a thing as too many carbs? 

PRO TIP: You can also fill the boule with guacamole, pimento cheese, a wheel of brie (then bake the whole thing), hummus, or another dip. Based on which dip you choose, you can change up the flavor of the OMG! Pretzels you serve as dippers for this sourdough snack.  

Sourdough Toast

Sourdough bread has a crust that gets crunchy while the center retains its chew. Maybe that’s why it is one of America’s favorite breads for all things fancy toast? Plus, fancy toast can be quick to make for a gourmet afternoon Sourdough snack. From savory options like avocado and egg to caramelized onion and gruyere and sweeter eats like butter and jam or nut butter and sliced fruit, sourdough bread is the perfect canvas. Here’s a post we found with 15 fun ideas

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