Satisfying Summer Snacks

Satisfying Summer Snacks

Beat the heat with some ridiculously delicious snacks that also keep you full so you can enjoy the pool, beach, lake, hiking, and other fun summer activities! When you are planning snacks that will satisfy your hunger and your tastebuds, we suggest a few key tips:

  • Keep it balanced. In order for snacks to keep those tummies full, be sure to include a little protein along with some carbohydrates and something fresh, like a fruit or vegetable. Two of our favorite balanced snack ideas are yogurt with Sweet & Salty pretzels and berries or Lemon Pepper pretzels with hummus and cucumber slices.
  • Make it flavorful. Boring snacks aren’t fun to eat, so we say make them bold and enjoy your snacks! Cheddar Jalapeño Pretzels with guacamole packs a punch. We also love adding OMG! Pretzels to homemade trail mixes for crunch and flavor variety!
  • Don’t overcomplicate things. Simple is best when it comes to snacking. You don’t need 20 components to create yummy snacks that satisfy cravings and keep you active all summer long. OMG! Pretzels straight out of the bag are a ridiculously delicious snack. You can also grab a handful of our Garlic Pretzels with a piece of string cheese for an on-the-go delight.
  • Prep items ahead of time. Lots of snack options are easy to pre-portion and store for the week, so that you have healthy and tasty snacks ready to pack into the cooler for your time outside! Spend 10 minutes one day doing a few simple things that will set you up for snacking success: put your favorite flavors of OMG! Pretzels into snack-sized plastic zipper bags, cut some fresh veggies and fruits and store them in small plastic containers, buy some snack size packs of hummus, nut butter and avocado smash for dipping.
  • Take it with you. One of the biggest snacking fails is leaving the house without anything and realizing that lunch is too far away! When you take your snacks with you, you can make better eating choices and know that what you’re consuming is healthy and delicious.

We wish you a summer full of adventure, making memories, and lots of ridiculously delicious snacks!

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