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How to turn ordinary snacks into gourmet desserts

When you want to use ordinary snacks in your baking and end up with a gourmet dessert in the end, how do you make it happen? Here are a few simple tricks and tips that we always rely on when we add our gourmet flavored pretzels to baked goods to transform them into something special. Gourmet desserts, here you come!

  1. Think about flavor combinations. Gourmet desserts must have a dimension of flavor. Sometimes that hint of salt or spice to offset the sugar is what changes a dessert from blah to fabulous! So, when you’re thinking about what ordinary snacks you can use in your gourmet dessert, keep that in mind. Our Sweet & Spicy Pretzels pair perfectly with caramel and chocolate like in our Chocolate Mousse Bars. The flavors in that gourmet dessert meld perfectly and hit all the flavor notes – sweet, salty, spicy, and rich. You can also use ordinary snacks like cheese crackers to give your apple pie dough something unexpected and gourmet or elevate store-bought cheesecake bites with a toppings bar full of ordinary snacks to give guests a gourmet dessert experience.
  2. Be sure your dessert has a few different textures. If you watch cooking shows and listen to the celebrity chefs, you know that texture is important for gourmet desserts. Something that’s just creamy is boring. A cake without a filling is pedestrian. This is where ordinary snacks can really add some crunch to your gourmet desserts. OMG! Pretzels make exceptional (and easy) pie crusts that provide a nice textural base to cream or fruit fillings. You can also use our gourmet flavored pretzels as toppings for simple bundt or coffee cakes to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. Crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies or vanilla wafers are some of the ordinary snacks that can also help you add texture to your gourmet desserts.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sometimes half the battle of turning ordinary snacks into gourmet desserts is thinking outside of the box! For instance, you can use all store-bought ordinary snacks and turn them into something spectacular with the right ideas. We think it would be fun to combine rice cereal, peanut butter, marshmallows, Sweet & Salty OMG! Pretzels and chocolate chips into a gourmet dessert bar (check back soon for the recipe). 
  4. It’s all about presentation! You eat with your eyes first, which means ordinary snacks can seem gourmet with the right presentation. Be sure you think about what plates you’ll use for your gourmet dessert. And, a little dollop of fresh whipped cream helps everything look fancier. You can turn any size zipper top bag into a pastry bag (you don’t even need a tip) to give the topping an elegant look. Then, crumble on some OMG! Pretzels or an ordinary snack that fits your flavor profile for a little pizzazz and extra crunch.

We hope these tricks will help you turn your ordinary snacks into gourmet desserts from time to time. And, remember, gourmet doesn’t mean difficult; it means ridiculously delicious and elegant. Have fun baking! 

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