Valentines Day Snacks

Valentine’s Day Snacks 

A Day Full of Treats the Whole Family Will Love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show your family how much you care. Why not brighten the day with some special pretzel snack ideas? Here are some simple, fun Valentine’s Day snacks to take you from morning to night.

Morning Snacks for Valentine’s Day

We aren’t saying don’t eat a healthy breakfast but let yourself (and your family) enjoy a late-morning Valentine’s Day treat wherever you may be. You can pack these pretzel snacks in your kids’ backpacks or send one to work with your partner. Remember to include a sweet note and be sure to save one for yourself!

  • Yogurt/Pretzel Parfait: This pretzel snack is great for the morning because it has healthy components and can be personalized for each member of your family. Layer their favorite flavor of yogurt with fresh berries and crushed Sweet & Salty Pretzels for crunch. 
  • Heart-Shaped Fruit Salad: This takes a little time to throw together, but the cuteness factor makes it worth it! Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out pieces of melon, apple and pear. Sliced strawberries also have the natural heart shape, so add some of those as well. Then drizzle the mixture with about a tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice. You can amp up the flavor with fresh mint or basil. 
  • Coffee Cake Muffins: Who doesn’t love a moist coffee cake? We love this recipe for coffee cake. Instead of baking it as a cake, we like to use an ice cream scoop to portion out muffins – don’t forget to layer in the filling! And, for the topping, we can’t resist swapping out the traditional streusel topping for a pretzel topping. It’s simple, crush some Salty Butterscotch or Sweet & Spicy Pretzels and combine with a little melted butter. Add the mixture to the top of the slightly underbaked muffins and return to the oven. It’s a crunchy, sweet addition to this Valentine’s Day pretzel snack.

Afternoon Snacks for Valentine’s Day

Around 3 or 4 o’clock, the snack cravings start. Plan ahead this Valentine’s Day and treat your family to a special snack time. Maybe plan to gather before dinner and share some special thoughts and memories or play a game for some quality family time while you enjoy your pretzel snacks. 

  • Valentine’s Day Pretzel Trail Mix: Serve this mix up in a big bowl to share or pack small containers for each family member if you can’t be together in the afternoon. Here’s what you need: Sweet & Salty Pretzels; pink, white and red M&Ms (you know the special Valentine’s Day ones); conversation heart candies; dried cherries; and honey roasted peanuts. 
  • Heart-Shaped Tea Sandwiches: Get that cookie cutter out again to make simple sandwich snacks a Valentine’s Day treat. Opt for classic fillings like cream cheese and cucumber, egg salad or butter and radish. For the kids, do PB&J or ham/turkey and cheese. 
  • Valentine’s Day Snack Board: They’re all over the internet and social media, charcuterie boards, veggie boards, breakfast boards, so we say make a snack board in honor of Valentine’s Day. Include both savory and sweet options. Some ideas for filling your board are: heart-shaped slices of cheese, fresh berries, salami roses (you can learn how to make them, here), dark chocolate pieces, hummus, and your favorite flavors of OMG! Pretzels.

After Dinner Snacks for Valentine’s Day

Dessert is the perfect time to really treat your family with something decadent and sweet. Instead of store-bought cookies or the usual scoop of ice cream, you might grab post-dinner, make your dessert snacks special for Valentine’s Day. 

  • Chocolate Fondue: It sounds hard to make, but it’s actually as simple as melting chocolate over some water and keeping it warm in a fondue pot or slow cooker. Be sure to have lots of fun items to dip into the chocolate. Some of our favorites are strawberries, marshmallows, pieces of pound cake and Sweet Chili Pretzels.
  • Heart-Shaped Crispy Pretzel Marshmallow Treats: For a fun twist on this classic, sub 1 cup of cereal for 1 cup of crushed Sweet & Salty Pretzels. Press them into a pan and then add red sprinkles or small chocolate chips to the top. Once the mixture is cool, use that trusty heart shaped cookie cutter (spray it with cooking spray first) to give the treats a special Valentine’s Day look. If you eat these as an afternoon snack, too, we won’t tell!
  • Amaretto Hot Chocolate: OK, so this is obviously an adult-only snack! Grab your sweetheart and cuddle up on the couch with warm mugs of yumminess. The almond-flavored liquor (one ounce is all you need) is a perfect complement to rich hot chocolate and adds a level of sophistication. Top each mug with a little whipped cream, shaved chocolate, and a few pieces of crushed Salty Butterscotch Pretzels. Cheers!

No matter how you show your love this Valentine’s Day, make sure the special people in your life know how much you care. Share Valentine’s Day snacks with them, gift them OMG! Pretzels, or simply call and say, “I love you!”

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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