Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Snacks to Feed a Crowd

The big game is next month, and whether you’re following it closely like us to cheer on the hometown team (Go Birds!) or you tune in for the commercials and half-time show, snacks are a must for any Super Bowl watch party.
Feeding a crowd doesn’t have to be hard if you plan ahead and take some help from quality store-bought finds. From our experience, a main dish isn’t necessary if you have a variety of hot and cold snacks to offer. Be sure to have some vegetarian options, some things that are kid-friendly, and a few sweet treats. This ensures there’s something for everyone to snack on during the game.

The other key to this type of Super Bowl snacks menu is: do NOT serve everything at once. When you’re planning your menu, think about which Super Bowl snacks go best with one another and serve them together. Also, consider prep time. If there are a few appetizers you’re making from scratch, do they need to be served first? If some items need to be heated, when will you do that and not miss anything important? If you have some guests leaving after the half-time show, serve two-thirds of your Super Bowl snacks before they depart.

Super Bowl parties are also a fun excuse to have fun with your food!

You can serve some dishes that pay homage to the cities the teams represent. You can also use team colors for inspiration and décor. We are hopeful that our No. 1 seeded Eagles stay strong in the playoffs, so we can serve up Philly Cheesesteak Dip with Garlic OMG! Pretzels and Green Goddess Dip with crudites. The 49ers are also eligible to make it to the big game. The Bay Area has a special place in our hearts, so if they are playing, we’ll honor their chowder in a bread bowl with seafood dip paired with our sourdough Chesapeake Spice pretzel nuggets and serve up some dim sum (order it in or use your favorite frozen ones) for a little Chinatown action.

If you’re serving a charcuterie board, cut the hard cheeses into mini football shapes. Or, make the centerpiece a giant cheeseball in the shape of a football; you can use our wreath recipe and change up the shape. Make it football colored by covering it in Chesapeake Spice OMG! Pretzels for the outside of the football. You could also lay it out to feature a goal post as the focal point.

You can also go crazy with some big food mash-ups! Think outside of the box – mac and cheese pizza, or chili-stuffed pigs in a blanket. Or, mix things up with a more DIY approach and serve a loaded fry or nacho bar with tons of toppings. If you do this, be sure to offer a few untraditional items to drive home the mash-up feel.

Most of all, have fun during the big game. We know we will! After all, what’s football without friends, family and delicious food?! Snack on Super Bowl style, friends!

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