Eggplant & Zucchini “Parmigiana”

OMG! Pretzels and Jar Goods

As two brands with flavor at the forefront and care as the foundation, it just makes sense for us to team up to amplify our voices. If you love OMG! Pretzels already, you will surely want to try Jar Goods!

What do our brands have in common?

  • Intense Flavor. You can really taste the seasonings and unique twists used with both lines of products. Jar Goods’ tomato sauces taste like they were made in your very own kitchen with fresh ingredients and lots of love. OMG! Pretzels come in eight bold, innovative flavors, including the flagship Garlic and original combinations like Salty Butterscotch and Lemon Pepper
  • Premium Ingredients. Both companies pride themselves on using only wholesome ingredients to ensure the highest quality and taste. As gourmet offerings in our categories, we know our customers want the best and that’s what we deliver.  
  • Family Owned & Women Certified Owned. OMG! Pretzels and Jar Goods were founded by women and are family-owned businesses. Our recipes started with family traditions and have now expanded to include more varieties and unique flavors. 
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly. Both lines of products include products for the millions of people who practice a plant-based diet. Flavor and convenience should not have to be sacrificed for those making healthier choices. 
  • Great Gourmet Gifts. OMG! Pretzels and Jar Goods fulfill our mission of being gourmet by not just tasting great, but looking great. Both companies’ packaging helps the products shine on the shelf and are great additions to gourmet gift baskets. 

If you are interested in learning more about Jar Goods, check out their shop

Just for fun, we put together some recipes that feature products for both brands. They are delicious! 

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