Bring Your Own Pretzels

BYOP – Bring Your Own Pretzels – Book Club

3 Things to Keep in Mind for Hosting Your Own Zoom Book Club

  1. Don’t stress over what book to choose. Yes, we know it’s a book club, but don’t fret over the literary part of it. Choose a book that is easy for people to find and read. The point is less about how fancy the book is and more about connecting with friends – old and new – over a shared love of reading.
  2. Prep some questions for those awkward silences. Even in person, conversation is bound to slow down after the first few minutes. It can be more pronounced online with people unsure of who might speak next or digital delays. If you’re the moderator, make yourself a list in advance to help move things along. Here are a few ideas:
    • How would you cast the film version of the book?
    • What character did you hate/love the most in the book and why?
    • What emotion were you feeling the moment you finished the book? Sad? Satisfied? Searching?
    • If you could talk to the author, what question would you most like to ask him or her?
    • Have you read similar books and how does this one compare?
  3. Give the food a theme. Even though everyone has to BYOP – bring your own pretzels – for delicious snacking during book club, give people an idea of what to make/have on hand for the online affair. If your book is set in the English countryside, perhaps suggesting a tea-time theme for snacks. We add crushed OMG! Lemon Pepper pretzels to cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches to brighten the flavor and add an interesting crunch. Or, if your book is set in the American south, you could suggest pimento cheese dip paired with OMG! Garlic Pretzels.

No matter your book, have fun connecting with friends and making memories with people near and far. Happy reading – and snacking!

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