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8 Pretzeltastic Back-to-School Snacks

Summer is officially still in season, but in many states, schools are back in session. To help you prepare and be sure you’re on top of your snack game, here are 8 pretzeltastic back-to-school snacks that will keep the whole family smiling! 

At School Pretzeltastic Snacks

  1. Pretzels and Hummus. This is a great snack for kids whose lunch time is super early in their school day and need a protein packed afternoon pick-me-up to keep the learning happening. Most grocery stores have individually packed and sealed portions of hummus to make life easy. Put a handful of Garlic OMG! Pretzels in a snack-sized plastic bag and you’ve got a tasty school snack. HINT: Pack yourself one for the office also. You’re welcome!
  2. Pretzels and Nut Butter: This is another great idea for kids who need substantial back to school snacks. You can choose from a huge variety of nut butters – peanut, almond, sunflower, cashew – based on your child and the school’s guidelines. Many come individually packed or opt for investing in small reusable containers. Pair the nut butter with Sweet & Salty OMG! Pretzels and you’ll be known as the best snack packer around. 
  3. Pretzel Medley: Keep it simple by combining two flavors of OMG! Pretzels into one back-to-school snack. Our favorite combinations are Lemon Pepper/Sweet & Spicy and Salty Butterscotch/Chesapeake Spice. This back-to-school snack can also be part of your Sunday prep time to make life easier throughout the week. 
  4. Pretzel Trail Mix: You know we love our trail mixes! Whip up one variety and pack them in airtight bags or containers to use all week long. Then, try another trail mix the following week to change things up. The best thing about these pretzeltastic back-to-school snacks is that they have a variety of textures and flavors. 

After School Pretzeltastic Snacks 

  • Yogurt Parfait. After a long day of learning, a snack that feels a bit like a meal can be nice. Build a yogurt parfait with layers of vanilla yogurt, fresh or frozen berries, and Sweet & Salty OMG! Pretzels. HINT: You can use this one for a simple and delicious breakfast, too! 
  • Pretzel Dipper Bar. The first few weeks of a new school year can be stressful. Give your kids a chance to unwind and share stories about their day over a fun, pretzeltastic snack bar. If they’re distracted by the scrumptious after school snacks, they might open up a bit more. Plus, it’s simple to put together. In a few small bowls, add some of their favorite dips – guacamole, queso, marshmallow/cream cheese, spinach/artichoke, marinara sauce – and then put those bowls on a large tray or platter leaving space between for the crunchy sourdough pretzel nuggets. Now, grab your OMG! Pretzels and place them on the board. We think Cheddar Jalapeno, Sweet Chili, Garlic and Sweet & Salty are great varieties for this after school snack idea.Pretzel Dipper Bar
  • Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Nuggets. For kids who like something warm and comforting when they get home from school, this pretzel snack is a winner! You can make them over the weekend so all you have to do after school is heat them up. To make them, cut chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces and then dip them in egg wash and then into crushed OMG! Pretzels. You can use any of our savory pretzels for this depending on what your kids prefer. Then, bake them on a parchment lined sheet for about 12 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through, on 350 degrees. You can serve them with ketchup, honey mustard or ranch for dipping. 
  • Proutons and Soup. When it starts to get cooler outside, a great after school snack is a cup of soup with something crunchy to go with it. We love cauliflower soup with Garlic OMG! Pretzels as little proutons on top. We also pair Chesapeake Spice OMG! Pretzels with creamy soups like broccoli cheese or loaded potato. There are lots of wholesome store-bought soups available or whip up a batch of homemade soup when you have time and freeze it for easy use during the busy weeks of being back to school. HINT: This idea can also be a quick lunch for you!  

We hope these back-to-school snacks get you ready for the year ahead. Full tummies mean full brains! Snack on! 

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