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7 Pretzel Snacks for St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to eat, drink and be merry! So, we say, snack on with these fun pretzel St. Patty’s Day snacks that make being green easy and delicious. Cheers, friends!

    1. Pretzels & Green Beer: Elevate your snacking on St. Patty’s Day with our gourmet pretzel nuggets paired with the holiday classic – beer! Pretzels and beer are a natural match because they share so many of the same ingredients. To make things more festive, turn your favorite brew green with a few drops of food coloring. Here’s a look at some of our favorite pretzel and beer pairings.
    2. Irish Stout Cheese Fondue: Warm up your insides with a gooey cheese fondue! Try a sharp Irish cheddar melted down with a stout beer, a few dashes of dry mustard and garlic powder, as well as a few drops of Worcestershire sauce. Then, grab some Chesapeake Spice OMG! Pretzels for dipping and your St. Patty’s Day snack game will be strong!
    3. Shamrock Milkshakes: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this fun and simple dessert for St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll need milk (turn it green), salted caramel ice cream, and a shot (or two) of Irish whiskey. Blend it up and add crushed Salty Butterscotch OMG! Pretzels to the top.
    4. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels: While the flavors aren’t necessarily Irish, you can make these pretzel snacks scream St. Patrick’s Day with your decorations. Dip any sweet variety of OMG! Pretzels in white chocolate and then green sprinkles or sanding sugar for a festive look. You could even add green food coloring to the white chocolate or use green candy melts to amp up the green color. Package the pretzels in cellophane bags with green ribbon for a fun gift for friends and family.
    5. Green Snack Mix: Have fun with flavors and crunch when you throw together this pretzel mix for a St. Patty’s Day snack. Add matcha powder to popcorn to make it green, then add in wasabi peas, air dried green beans (you can get them at specialty food stores), and Sweet Chili OMG! Pretzels. Pack it up and take it with you to the St. Patrick’s Day parade!
    6. Hot Reuben Sandwich Dip: Mash up the flavors of this classic Irish-inspired sandwich with a gooey, warm dip that is ideal for diving into with Lemon Pepper OMG! Pretzels. You need cream cheese, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and, of course, corned beef! We like this simple recipe.
    7. Pea Soup with Garlic “Proutons: This plant-based option is perfect for St. Patty’s Day because it’s naturally green and delicious. You can make it from scratch or take some help from a store-bought variety.  If you’re having a party, serve the soup in small mugs or shot glasses with just one OMG! Pretzels Garlic “Prouton.” If you’re staying home for the evening, serve up a big bowl and indulge in as many crunchy toppers as you want! There is no doubt that St. Patrick’s Day is a food (and drink) forward holiday! Embrace it with one of these delicious pretzel snacks.

There is no doubt that St. Patrick’s Day is a food (and drink) forward holiday! Embrace it with one of these delicious pretzel snacks.

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