Brunch Board

How to Assemble a Brunch Board

Weekends are for brunching! Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or just because, brunch is the perfect casual meal for gathering with family and friends and a fun way to start the day. To really make it fool proof and picture perfect, we love making a brunch board as the primary element for the meal. This way, you have all the main components ready to go before your guests arrive and it gives you the perfect spring board to simple sides you can ask people to bring or easily put together yourself.

Here are the central points for assembling your brunch board:

  1. Choose the right size platter based on how many people you are feeding and how many different items you’re adding to the board.
  2. Choose one or two “star” offerings for your brunch board that you plate first. In this example, the mini waffles (HINT: we took some help from the freezer section) and our Sweet & Spicy Cinnamon Rolls take centerstage. If you want to make it more of a cold spread, use bagels and muffins as your primary components. For something more kid-friendly, do pancakes in different sizes.
  3. Add protein to your board. Bacon (be sure it’s crispy, so it keeps its shape), turkey or pork sausage or halved soft-boiled eggs work well. If you go the bagel route, cream cheese and lox are must-have additions!
  4. Add fresh fruit for color. Guests may also use the berries to top the waffles or pancakes, plus they add some brightness and healthy sugars to the mix.
  5. Feel free to use small bowls or ramekins to house berries, syrups, jams, cream cheeses, and butters you want to add to your brunch board. These containers are especially important if you know that some guests may not like certain components of the board.
  6. Have fun! Creating beautiful brunch boards is all about playing with your food and changing up combinations.

Happy brunching!

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