Pretzel Side Dishes

Elevate your holiday side dishes with pretzel toppings

We all love our holiday food traditions, but sometimes we want to change things up a bit while keeping the classics on the table. OMG! Pretzels not only add crunch to a side dish; our bold and ridiculously delicious flavors boost the yum factor in a big way! Here are some fun ideas for elevating your favorite holiday side dishes with pretzel toppings.

Green Bean Casserole

Could there be a more quintessential holiday side dish? No way! It’s super easy to elevate this classic side dish. Use your standby recipe and cook as usual. Before you serve it, top it with crushed OMG! Pretzels and bake on 375 for about 5 minutes so the pretzel toppings can meld into the casserole. For a bright punch of flavor, try Lemon Pepper Pretzels. If you want a bit of salty seasoning, we recommend Chesapeake Spice Pretzels. If you want to keep it more traditional, Garlic Pretzels are the way to go.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Another classic Thanksgiving staple is this gooey, warm, and – of course – sweet side dish. Often topped with marshmallows or nuts, we have some news ideas to elevate the side dish with pretzel toppings. To make it “like grandma used to,” crush up some Salty Butterscotch Pretzels and add them to the top with some crushed pecans. If you just can’t imagine sweet potato casserole without marshmallows, add them first and brown them; while they are warm, add some crushed Sweet & Salty or Sweet Chili Pretzels for some crunch and added flavor.


Salads add freshness and a lighter option to any holiday menu. Plus, they are easy to throw together and don’t have to be hot when you serve them! To make your salad holiday worthy, roast some butternut squash and apple the day before. [PRO TIP: Toss them with some cinnamon, along with olive oil, salt and pepper to boost the holiday flavor.] Use a combination of baby spinach and arugula for the base of the salad, then add the roasted squash and apples. Make a simple balsamic vinaigrette and drizzle over. Finally, and THE BEST part, top the whole thing with crunchy sourdough pretzel nuggets! We think our Sweet & Spicy Pretzels work perfectly in this elevated holiday side.

Mac and Cheese

It’s the ultimate comfort food, so let’s get it holiday ready with a little crunchy topping! This is another opportunity to use your favorite recipe while creating something new and special. If you want an herbaceous note for your side dish, try mixing crushed OMG! Garlic Pretzels with a little fresh parsley and grated parmesan cheese for the pretzel topping. If your crew prefers a little spice, keep it simple but flavorful with our Chesapeake Spice Pretzels. And, if you want a little festive flair, our Cheddar Jalapeno Pretzels match the cheesiness of the dish and add a little surprise.

Try one or all of these fun, flavorful ideas for elevating your holiday side dishes with pretzel toppings. It’s easy to do, not to mention ridiculously delicious!

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