4 Course Dinner

A Pretzel-Forward Gourmet 4-Course Dinner Menu

Having a dinner party is a fun way to get together with a small group of friends and enjoy great food and company. If you’re looking to host a gourmet 4-course dinner, we have a flavorful menu that doesn’t require you to be a kitchen master but will have people thinking you are! Plus, you can jazz it up with drinks and decorations that match the Latin-inspired flavors you will find throughout this 4-course dinner with pretzels menu. 

Here’s the 4-course dinner line up:

  1. Start with an elegant take on the classic 7-layer dip. It features Cheddar Jalapeno OMG! Pretzels and lots of smoky spices with bright citrus notes (thanks to the lime juice). You can serve this outside with margaritas or sangria. This will get the dinner party started on a casual and delicious note. BONUS: You can get the grill started for the main course while you’re chatting with guests. 
  2. Head to the table for the salad course. We opted to serve this wedge salad with Lemon Pepper “Proutons – pretzel croutons – on a large platter so people could serve themselves, but you could plate them individually if you prefer something more formal. This second course bursts with flavor and is light enough so people still have room for the next two courses.
  3. The entrée is perfect for a dinner party because some parts can be made in advance, and you can customize the protein and grilled veggies for your taste and budget. We opted for steak with the chimichurri because it makes a gourmet statement, but the herbaceous sauce pairs well with seafood, chicken and tofu. What you MUST try is the cheesy, pretzel-topped corn. This side dish is warm, creamy and has a nice level of spice thanks to the jalapeño and Chesapeake Spice OMG! Pretzels.
  4. The fourth course is dessert! End this dinner party with Chocolate Mousse Bars with Sweet & Spicy Pretzel Crust. The pretzels in the crust really complement the sweet dulce de leche and rich chocolate of the mousse. Your friends will be super impressed by this gourmet dessert that you can take a few shortcuts on if you want. Feel free to use a chocolate mousse or pudding mix for the top layer if you’re not comfortable with the work involved with making homemade chocolate mousse. 

Have fun entertaining with this delicious, gourmet 4-course dinner menu full of flavor and, of course, pretzels!

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