5 Steps to Healthier Snacking in 2023

5 Steps to Healthier Snacking in 2023

January – the start of a new year – is always a great time to implement new habits. Exercising, less screen time, being more present with family and friends are things you might want to focus on. Healthier eating habits are also usually top of mind for New Year’s resolutions. Since we LOVE snacking, here are some simple steps you can take for healthier and still delicious snacking!

  1. Add protein. From hummus to nut butter, cheese or eggs, there are a variety of protein options that are great for snacking and are easy to prep and store. Prepared serving cups make taking the right amount of a protein easy for grab-and-go snacking. Amp it up with the crunch from your favorite OMG! Pretzels and you’re on your way to healthy and flavorful snacking!
  2. Choose baked not fried.We all LOVE crunchy things (it’s a fact!) – crunchy foods equal freshness and satisfaction to our ears and taste buds. And, while crunch is often associated with fried foods, baked snacks like kale chips and, of course, our seasoned pretzel nuggets are baked for crave-worthy crunchy perfection. 
  3. Eat whole foods. Processed foods tend to have extras – sugar and preservatives – that you don’t need and remove some of the nutrients that your body does benefit from. So, instead of grabbing a cookie for something sweet, opt for some fresh berries. Or, take the time to make your own cookies with whole ingredients, so you can choose how much sugar your sweet snacks contain. Healthy eating is very important to us! Our CEO and Co-founder Stephanie is a plant-based eater and brings her eye for quality food to OMG! Pretzels. We believe in using only wholesome, premium ingredients in our seasoning blends.  
  4. Think before you eat. Next time you reach for a snack, take 30 seconds and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” If you are, eat up! But, if you’re not, consider why you reached for the snack in the first place. Are you feeling stressed? What are some other ways you can cope besides eating? Maybe take a quick walk, call a friend for a few minutes of support, listen to a favorite song, or meditate for 5 minutes. Self-care is an important part of being healthy, so listen to your body! 
  5. Indulge cravings. Sometimes only chocolate or your favorite chips will curb a craving. So, instead of eating five other things and then ending up with the chocolate in your mouth anyway, just indulge in a small amount of what you really want. This will satisfy your mental need and you can avoid the extra calories from all the foods you didn’t really want, but ate trying to avoid giving in. Just remember to limit your portion size. Instead of a whole candy bar, opt for the fun size; don’t eat a whole bag of chips; put a small amount in a bowl and stop with that serving. It’s not about not enjoying your favorite snacks, it’s about making smart decisions. 

So, as 2023 unfolds, put these steps for healthier snacking into practice for you and your family. If you teach your kids these tricks now, they’ll have healthier eating habits long-term. Happy 2023 and happy snacking!

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