Game Day Pretzels

5 Easy Super Bowl Snacks

Let’s face it, Super Bowl Sunday is about three things: football, commercials and snacks! So, as you sit down with family and friends to watch the LA Rams take on the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, here are 5 easy pretzel snacks to have on hand. 

  1. Tex Mex Trail Mix: Our Cheddar Jalapeno Pretzels are the star of this trail mix. We suggest adding pepitas, dried mango, and a handful of mixed nuts for a great pretzel snack while watching the big game. Learn how to make it here. 
  2. Green Goddess Dip: This herbaceous dip can use sour cream, Greek yogurt or full-fat coconut milk as a base. If you want to boost the health factor, avocado is a great bonus ingredient to this pretzel snack dip. Be sure to have plenty of OMG! Pretzels on hand for dipping. Check out the recipe here. 
  3. Stuffed Mini Peppers: These are a cute and colorful appetizer. And, since they are small, the perfect Super Bowl pretzel snack to get in a few bites between cheering on your team. For added crunch, add chopped OMG! Pretzels to the top! You can find the recipe here. 
  4. Deviled Eggs: This traditional appetizer is always a crowd pleaser! You can add different savory ingredients to the filling and gourmet flavored pretzels to the top to make this classic a fancy pretzel snack. See how we do it here. 
  5. Eggplant Roll-Ups: Simple to make, this filling Super Bowl snack will get everyone to eat their veggies. Featuring our Garlic Pretzels, this warm pretzel snack is full of flavor. Learn how to make it here. 

No matter who you’re rooting for, be sure your snacking game is strong this Super Bowl Sunday. Snack on, friends!

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