4 simple holiday treats

4 Simple Holiday Pretzel Treats

Who doesn’t love something sweet every so often? We think the holidays are a perfect time to embrace your sweet tooth and make some simple holiday pretzel treats to share with family and friends. The best part about them is you can make little tweaks to these ideas to personalize your holiday pretzel treats to your taste or to account for any food allergies. 

  1. Pretzel Bonbons: Technically, any small treat enveloped in chocolate can be called a bonbon. For our simple pretzel bonbons, grab a bag of Sweet & Salty OMG! Pretzels and some soft, chewy caramel candies. You’ll need to cut the candies so that they are the right size to sit on top of the pretzel nuggets. Next comes the chocolate. You can melt it in the microwave or over a double boiler (HINT: if you add a little bit of coconut oil, your chocolate will have a pretty sheen when it dries). Once it’s a pourable consistency, cover each caramel-pretzel combo in chocolate and place on a drying rack to cool. If you want to get the chocolate really hard, you can transfer them to a sheet pan and place in the fridge for an hour. Once the chocolate sets, you are ready to eat the bonbons or package them up for a nice holiday pretzel treat gift.
  2. Holiday Trail Mix: If you like being creative, this is the simple holiday pretzel treat for you! There are so many ways to customize this. Mix and match flavors and textures for the ultimate sweet (and salty) snack. A few combinations we love are: 
  3. French Toast Casserole: The holidays are a perfect excuse to sweeten up breakfast! For something that’s a savory and sweet treat, try French Toast casserole. We like this version from the Food Network website , but we prefer crushed pretzels for the topping! You can opt for Sweet & Salty, Sweet & Spicy, or Salty Butterscotch OMG! Pretzels – or make it even tastier with two flavors. It’s also a great option because you can make it in advance and then warm it up in the oven while you cut some fresh fruit and brew the coffee to accompany this yummy pretzel treat.

    French Toast Casserole Plated French Toast Casserole
  4. DIY Dippers: If you’re having a small get together, this simple holiday pretzel treat is interactive and delicious. It’s also a fun way to display some of your pretty holiday-themed bowls. Place a variety of sweet OMG! Pretzels flavors in various bowls. Then, in 4 smaller bowls, place melted chocolate, caramel sauce, chopped nuts, sprinkles, and crushed gingerbread (one “dipper” per bowl). Now your guests can create their own flavor combinations as they snack. BONUS: This DIY treat bar pairs well with eggnog and hot chocolate. 

We hope you’ll try all of these simple holiday pretzel treats for easy and delicious ways to add cheer to your year!

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