OMG! Pretzels Recognized for Superior Taste

OMG! Pretzels Recognized for Superior Taste

OMG! Pretzels Bold Seasoning Blends Recognized for Superior Taste in Blind Judging by Expert Panel

Premium ingredients, two-note tasting experience and unique flavors were primary reasons


OMG! Pretzels was selected as a 2024 U.S.A. Taste Champion product line in a triple-blind judging. All 9 varieties of seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets were judged as “excellent” by a panel of Masters of Taste selected by Chefs In America.

The judging panel included culinary experts who sampled each variety of our seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets in a triple-blind taste test. Their conclusions support the “OMG!” reactions the Kriebel family has been hearing for decades. “My mom made the garlic pretzels for us as kids when we were growing up, so we had them around a lot,” says Stephanie Kriebel, CEO & Co-Founder of OMG! Pretzels. “Now, we are sharing them with the world!” 

When Lynn Kriebel developed her special seasoning blends for crunchy sourdough pretzel nuggets, she didn’t know it at the time, OMG! Pretzels was born. OMG!’s gourmet, seasoned authentically-aged sourdough nuggets are available in nine culinary-inspired flavors, including Garlic, Sweet & Salty, Chesapeake Spice, Cheddar Jalapeno, Sweet & Spicy, Lemon Pepper, Salty Butterscotch, Sweet Chili, and Buffalo. 

Made with a lot of love, OMG! Pretzels are 100% made in the USA with only premium ingredients and never contain MSG. Kosher-certified and vegetarian/vegan, seven of the nine varieties are also nonGMO. OMG! Pretzels are terrific on their own because of their wide variety of flavors and fantastic snackability. They are also great for small holiday gatherings to pair with beer or wine or as a complement to cheese plates. OMG! Pretzels also make the perfect crunchy topping for holiday casseroles or on salads and soups. The sweet pretzels – Sweet & Salty, Salty Butterscotch, or Sweet & Spicy – are also a great addition to a morning yogurt parfait or covered in chocolate for Valentine’s Day. 

OMG! Pretzels is an up-and-coming boutique brand that is now available in nearly 1,000 retailers nationwide and online. To learn more about OMG! Pretzels, visit

To request samples or an interview with the mother-daughter duo that brought this family snack from kitchen to shelf, contact 

About OMG! Pretzels: OMG! Pretzels uses wholesome ingredients and carefully crafted family recipes to make delicious, bite-sized, seasoned sourdough pretzel nuggets that are perfect for every occasion. Our variety of bold, gourmet flavors and crave-worthy crunch combine to create the transcendent first-bite experience that every pretzel lover dreams of. It’s the premium quality and unforgettable taste that make OMG! Pretzels the obvious choice for customers in search of a superior snack.

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