Holiday Pretzel Gift Baskets

How to make a gourmet holiday food gift basket

Gift baskets make fabulous gifts for the holidays, especially for the foodies and crafters in your life. It’s a great way to spoil people with gourmet eats and specialty items they may not purchase for themselves. Plus, they are excited to unwrap and discover all the goodies tucked inside! And, they keep on giving when your recipient enjoys the food items. Here are 5 tips for making the best holiday gift baskets around:

  1. Choose the right size and shape gift basket. This fundamental step is key to making a gorgeous holiday gift basket. You want all the items you select to fit well in the vessel, but don’t make it too large or the gift won’t seem ample. Also, if the items you are placing in it are heavy, be sure the basket can handle the weight. Bonus tip: Choose a basket that can be repurposed or goes with the theme. The “gift basket” can actually be a box, wine crate, plastic bin, silver drink tub, or large mixing bowl.
  2. Create levels. Part of the fun with food holiday gift baskets is the presentation. You can see most of the gifts through the cellophane wrapping, so be sure to use leftover boxes, tissue paper, paper shreds, or other material so that some items are elevated in the gift basket. You can also use the natural shape and size of the gift items to help create the visual aesthetic you want. For instance, place wine bottles in the back and add food items to pair with each bottle in the front.
  3. Hide a few surprises. While you want your friends and family to see the bulk of items in their holiday gift basket, packing in a few hidden items as an added surprise makes the gift basket really special. These can be anything from a heartfelt note or family recipe to a more expensive item – like truffle oil or tin of caviar – that you want to include.
  4. Pick a theme. Because there are so many amazing gourmet and specialty food items on the market, picking a theme can really help you keep your food holiday gift basket organized. For the snack lover in your life, fill the gift basket with OMG! Pretzels Original Flavors Variety Pack, specialty popcorn, some fancy chocolates, and some spiced nuts. You could really customize it by getting a giant snack bowl personalized with your friend’s name or initials. For the baker in your life, use mason jars to gift specialty flours and sugars. You can also add in Sweet & Salty OMG! Pretzels, chocolate chips, and crushed peppermints. Make it usable by adding a rolling pin, festive cupcake liners, and a holiday apron.
  5. Make it festive! Once you have everything purchased and settled nicely in your food holiday gift basket, don’t forget to wrap it with style. You can use colorful paper shreds to fill in any gaps between items; don’t be afraid to tape or tie items together to keep the gift basket design steady while you transport it. Choose clear cellophane or opt for one with decorative snowflakes or one with a red or green hue to really show the holiday spirit. Finally, tie it with festive ribbon that adds sparkle and flair to the gift basket.

We hope you have fun creating and gifting this holiday season! And, remember when making food holiday gift baskets, always include some ridiculously delicious OMG! Pretzels!

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