Easter Egg Ideas

6 Easter Egg Ideas

Prepping for Easter is the perfect excuse to get to play with your food! Sure, you don’t always eat Easter eggs, but these 6 Easter egg ideas will allow for at least some eating. After all, how can we celebrate a holiday without eating a few pretzels?

Easter eggs you can eat:

  1. Dessert Easter Eggs: Who doesn’t love a sweet treat after looking for Easter eggs all morning? Prep these edible Easter eggs ahead of time and serve them on a platter with green paper shred to mimic the eggs hiding in the yard. For these, you’ll need to whip up a batch of marshmallow cereal treats. To make them pretzel-tastic, we swap out 2 cups of the cereal for 2 cups of crushed Sweet & Salty OMG! Pretzels. They add extra flavor and texture to the treats! Once the treats are mixed, spray your hands with cooking spray and mold the treats into an egg shape. Let them set up for about 2 hours on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. After they are firm enough to handle, you can decorate them with different colors of coating chocolate – either dipping the whole “egg” or using a piping bag to add colorful stripes. These festive sweet Easter egg pretzel treats are sure to please the whole family. 
  2. Pretzel-crusted Scotch Eggs: Give this brunch staple a springtime update with fresh-flavored Lemon Pepper OMG! Pretzels as the crust. We recommend following this recipe from Bon Appetit and swapping the cornflakes for pretzel crumbs. Be sure to pulse them in a food processor so the pretzel crumbs will be small enough to adhere to the eggs. 
  3. Easter Chocolate Bark: This is a pretty and delicious addition to Easter baskets or your brunch table. Spread melted white chocolate on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and sprinkle on your favorite flavor of sweet OMG! Pretzels (they look like little jeweled eggs!), as well as colorful sprinkles and sanding sugar. Once it’s cooled and set (about 90 minutes), you can break it into pieces and serve in small bowls or wrap in small cellophane bags with pastel-colored ribbon.Pretzel Bark

Easter eggs you cannot eat:

  1. Tie-dyed Easter Eggs: Give your Easter eggs a psychedelic look by tie-dying them! You can follow this method from Better Homes and Gardens  for using a paper towel to get the cool effect. You can also get help from a kit like this $3 one to make life easier.   
  2. Kindness Easter Eggs: We’ve all seen the rocks in parks, at landmarks, and even along the sidewalks in neighborhoods painted with nice messages or pictures to spread kindness to strangers. Why not bring the trend to your Easter eggs? Use a paintbrush or marker to add nice sayings like “There’s no bunny like you” and “You’re eggs-traordinary”. You can also paint or draw hearts, the sun and other uplifting designs. 
  3. Bedazzled Easter Eggs: Fashion trends are harkening back to the ’80s and ’90s, so why not have your Easter eggs go back in time as well? It’s simple to make jeweled Easter eggs with stick-on rhinestone gems you can find at any craft store. This is a great option if you have small kids or don’t consider yourself to be artsy. Just make a fun design or a circle or two around the Easter egg and it’ll sparkle! 

No matter which design or gourmet pretzel snack idea you choose, have fun with your Easter eggs and make decorating and eating them a family affair! Happy Easter! 

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