Cheddar Jalapeño OMG! Pretzels on a glass plate with a bowl of fresh guacamole on a colorful table

5 Ways to Jazz Up Guacamole

Plus, the pretzels dippers to pair them with! 

September 16 is National Guacamole Day, and we never pass up a reason to whip up a batch of this simple and healthy dip. It’s the ultimate snackers’ dream holiday! So, in honor of the day, here are five ways to make your guacamole special and the bold OMG! Pretzels flavor to enjoy as the positively poppable dipping accompaniment. 

  1. Lemon Pepper Guacamole with OMG! Lemon Pepper Pretzels. This idea is the one-stop shop for giving your guacamole a zingy lift with very little effort. Opt for your favorite store bought brand of guacamole or whip up a quick batch from fresh ingredients, then top the guacamole with the leftover seasoning from the bottom of the bag of crunchy Lemon Pepper pretzel nuggets you’re using for dipping. The citrus notes of the seasoning blend complement the lime in the guacamole and the coarse pepper adds a perfect spicy note. 
  2. Mango Guacamole with OMG! Sweet Chili Pretzels. We are playing with sweet and spicy flavors with this delicious combination. Add diced mango to your guacamole for a hint of sweetness that is slightly tart. This addition pairs perfectly with the raw cane sugar and punch of spice the Sweet Chili pretzel nuggets lend to this super scrumptious snack. 
  3. Gourmet Guacamole with OMG! Cheddar Jalapeño Pretzels. Dress up your everyday guacamole or a store bought version with lots of fresh flavor. Chopped cilantro, diced tomatoes and red onions, along with lots of fresh lime juice take this dip to the next level. You can also add sliced fresh jalapeños to the top for garnish and extra spice. The vehicle for getting this guac in your mouth? Our crunchy Cheddar Jalapeño pretzel nuggets, of course. The spicy, cheesy seasoning blend provides the perfect balance to all the fresh ingredients. 
  4. Cheddar Guacamole with OMG! Chesapeake Spice Pretzels. Yes, we are doing it! We are adding shredded cheddar cheese to our guacamole. You can thank us later. You only need about half a cup in a batch of guac that uses 3 avocados. The cheese enhances the creaminess of the dip while adding a punch of sharpness. The salty spice blend of our Chesapeake Spice pretzel nuggets works well with this flavor-forward nibble. We also recommend a cold margarita or ranch water with this for a fun happy hour snack idea. 
  5. Bacon Guacamole with OMG! Garlic Pretzels. Bacon makes everything better, right?! And, you can swap out the pork version with turkey bacon or a plant-based variety – the key is the smokiness and the chew the bacon adds to the guacamole. We think our flagship Garlic flavored sourdough pretzel nuggets are the perfect match for this snack combination. The bold seasoning stands up well to the bacon and a little extra garlic with your guac is never a bad thing! 

Whether it’s to celebrate National Guacamole Day or just for a fun happy hour with friends, we think these five pretzel snack ideas are sure to please your taste buds and wow the crowd. Plus, they are super simple appetizers to make. Snack on, friends! 

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