Thoughtful Gifts

5 Tips for Thoughtful Gift Giving

You know the old saying: “It’s the thought that counts.” Well, we believe that’s totally true, especially during the busy holidays when it can be easier to just send a bunch of gift cards to your Amazon cart instead of handpicking presents. 

The thing is, you can often spend less and feel better about the gifts you give to friends and family with just a little extra thought. Here are a few helpful hints that we rely on every year.

  1. Pay attention. If you haven’t been, listen and observe friends and family. What do they mention they are into right now? Any new hobbies they’ve picked up? Is your trendy best friend suddenly obsessed with everything burgundy? Pick up on these cues to choose a customized gift that they’ll love and will show you truly care! 
  2. Make it about time. There are always those people in your life who “have everything.” In these cases, we like to give the gift of time. Schedule brunch (your treat) with a friend you don’t see often enough. Get the whole family together for a photo shoot and bring snacks to enjoy afterward. Schedule a parent and child date to spend quality time one-on-one doing something you both enjoy. The memories you’ll make ARE the gift! 
  3. It’s okay to be practical. We aren’t saying give someone a vacuum or scale, but if you can make something they need feel special, this totally works! For instance, there are some affirmation gifts out there for – jewelry, socks, sweatshirts – all of these are useful and when you pick the right sentiment, it’s thoughtful, too! Another take on this is a gift basket. Fill a gorgeous container with goodies that are right up a loved one’s alley, and even if they eat all the scrumptious snacks (like the OMG! Pretzels you include) right away, the gift will show you know them well. 
  4. Support something they care about. Make a donation to or volunteer together at a cause they care about. Giving back and connecting to a charity or effort that is important to a loved one is another way to show you pay attention to what means the most to them. And, the holidays are a great time to support those in need in your local area.  
  5. Give from the heart. Remember that gift giving isn’t about you. It’s not about what you might get in return or getting the most oohs and aahs on Christmas morning. It’s not about how much you spend or the size of the box. Thoughtful gift giving always keeps the recipient in mind. 

We hope these thoughtful gift giving tips help you as you shop this holiday season. Wishing you and your family very happy holidays! 

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