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Gourmet Seasoned Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets

Once you pop one in your mouth, OMG! comes popping out!

Poppable, crunchy, and flavorful — OMG! Pretzels are the perfect gourmet pretzel snack or hors d'oeuvres. A true crowd pleaser!

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We offer both savory and sweet gourmet pretzel flavors including garlic, lemon, jalapeño, butterscotch, and sweet chili. Shop our flavors below!

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Leave it to OMG! Pretzels to bring snacking to a whole new level with our delicious gourmet pretzels!

Searching for the right gourmet pretzel snack to bring to a gathering, send as a gift, or even just for yourself can be quite the challenge. With the various snack options out there, it’s difficult to find something poppable, yet full of flavor. If your snack time routine could use a little more flavor and crunch, why settle for ordinary?

At OMG! Pretzels, we know how important snack time is to keep your energy up throughout the day in a fun, flavorful way. Our pretzel shop is catered to spice up the traditional sourdough pretzel nugget that we all know and incorporate our unique, unforgettable flavors. Whether you are a cheesy snack fan or crave a sweet yet spicy crunch, trust OMG! Pretzels for the best pretzel shop snacks that can’t be beat! No matter the flavor of OMG! Pretzels you choose, you’ll say, "Oh my goodness" in delight with every bite!

As a women and family-owned and operated business, we fully understand the value of quality in every package of flavored pretzels we make. Since the beginning, our passion has always been centered around creating fun, delicious pretzel nugget flavors that stand out from the rest of the "snack pack". We have taken our ridiculously delicious pretzel flavors from our kitchen to shelves and from shelves to a bustling e-commerce shop, providing a savory solution to snack time cravings. We currently sell all our fantastic flavors in local stores and customers can now order our pretzels online, guaranteeing high customer satisfaction with every bag you buy. You’ll find a blast of flavor in every bite of OMG! Pretzels, making it impossible to have just one of our gourmet sourdough pretzels!

Ready to join the flavored pretzels bandwagon? Stock up on your go-to favorites from OMG! Pretzels today! Order our pretzels online and become an OMG! Pretzels fan for life!

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