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Poppable, crunchy, and flavorful — OMG! Pretzels are the perfect gourmet pretzel snack or hors d'oeuvres. A true crowd pleaser!

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We offer both savory and sweet gourmet pretzel flavors including garlic, lemon, jalapeño, butterscotch, and sweet chili. Shop our flavors below!

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Leave it to OMG! Pretzels to bring snacking to a whole new level with our delicious gourmet pretzels!

Searching for the right gourmet pretzel snack to bring to a gathering, send as a gift, or even just for yourself can be quite the challenge. With the various snack options out there, it’s difficult to find something poppable, yet full of flavor. If your snack time routine could use a little more flavor and crunch, why settle for ordinary?

At OMG! Pretzels, we know how important snack time is to keep your energy up throughout the day in a fun, flavorful way. Our pretzel shop is catered to spice up the traditional sourdough pretzel nugget that we all know and incorporate our unique, unforgettable flavors. Whether you are a cheesy snack fan or crave a sweet yet spicy crunch, trust OMG! Pretzels for the best pretzel shop snacks that can’t be beat! No matter the flavor of OMG! Pretzels you choose, you’ll say, "Oh my goodness" in delight with every bite!

As a women and family-owned and operated business, we fully understand the value of quality in every package of flavored pretzels we make. Since the beginning, our passion has always been centered around creating fun, delicious pretzel nugget flavors that stand out from the rest of the "snack pack". We have taken our ridiculously delicious pretzel flavors from our kitchen to shelves and from shelves to a bustling e-commerce shop, providing a savory solution to snack time cravings. We currently sell all our fantastic flavors in local stores and customers can now order our pretzels online, guaranteeing high customer satisfaction with every bag you buy. You’ll find a blast of flavor in every bite of OMG! Pretzels, making it impossible to have just one of our gourmet sourdough pretzels!

Ready to join the flavored pretzels bandwagon? Stock up on your go-to favorites from OMG! Pretzels today! Order our pretzels online and become an OMG! Pretzels fan for life!

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Here's what OMG! Pretzels fans are saying

Customers are raving about our gourmet pretzel bites. Read the reviews below to see why these are the best pretzels in America!

Your pretzels really are OMG pretzels! I tried the Cheddar Jalapeno and thought they were amazing, so I tried the Old Bay. O.M.G!!!!! They are amazing!

Bernadette Olson

Your pretzels are AMAZING!
Your granddaughter Gillian gave me a bag to try and they are now our favorite pretzels!
We will be a frequent customer!!!

Amy Seidman

We are in MD & take our Old Bay seasoned food very serious! I sold 30 bags in 2 days in a women’s boutique! Ordered 60 more the day they arrived! Seriously addictive & amazing! So glad we found you!

Teresa Blatchley

OMG is right with these pretzels! I found them at my local butcher shop/gourmet grocery. They were on sale for $6.99, which I thought was still expensive, but I love love love pretzels, so I bought the Cheddar Jalapeno flavor. I am now halfway through the bag and want to eat it all! These are the best pretzels I have ever had. Now I have go try the other flavors (mmm….Garlic). Thank you for such a delicious treat!!!

Charity L. Boisseau

I’m not kidding these are the best pretzels I’ve ever eaten in my life. Need to order 10 more bags of Salty Butterscotch!

Kylie Feldman

Hi folks, My son sells your pretzels at his store in Crested Butte Co. We sampled most of the varieties at last visit October. Wow these are terrific. Couldn’t stop eating . I hid them in my pockets for hikes. Take care. P

Phillip Swansinger

My Mom shared a bag of OMG! Sweet and Salty Pretzels with me during a road trip, needless to say that the entire bag was gone before we reached our destination. I now keep a bag on hand at all times. It’s the perfect snack to fulfill all my cravings. You get the crunchy, you get the sweet, you get the salty, what more can you ask for!

Venita H.

OMG! Pretzels are so fresh and crunchy and the garlic is perfect! I love eating them while watching sports on TV. They are even great dipped in a little hot mustard.

Larry S.

I purchased a bag of your Old Bay pretzels from my friend Abby at the Dilly Beans. If I would have known how absolutely delicious these pretzels were I would have bought her out!!! I really said OH MY GOODNESS these pretzels are DELICIOUS ( my granddaughter is my witness!!) I LOVE them and need to try other flavors! You have a fan here!!

Bee Brown, Schenectady, NY

These are definitely called OMG! for a reason! Truly one of the most delicious snack foods I’ve ever had. So far I’ve only tried the Sweet & Spicy flavor. They remind me of a hard version of Auntie Anne’s pretzels. So, so good. I am truly a fan now and can’t wait to try the other flavors. The worst thing about these is that they’re not more widely available.

Stephanie Onyebetor

I just wanted to let you know how much my family loves and relies on your products. We truly appreciate your values and quality ingredients. Yours are the only pretzels we’ll buy! We are insanely proud of your brand and recommend it to all our friends. Keep up the great work!

Stephanie Lawlor

I picked up some of these, and the Cheddar Jalapeno at my hotel (Spring Hill Suites in Plymouth Meeting). OMG… these are CRACK!!! I ate half the bag and had to force myself to put them away so my wife and son could have some…. he loves the cheddar jalapeno, she the garlic. Now I have to buy more as well as trying some of the other flavors.

Allen Kuusela

When visiting a friend in Collegeville, PA I came across these amazing OMG! Pretzels. I liked them so much I ordered some mailed to me in Florida. Garlic are my favorite, they go great with cold beer! Thanks for a delicious snack!

Sal Passalaqua

Picked up the garlic, man what a great tasting pretzel and made locally! Got them at Kunda and will be getting these again for sure!

Joe Marcellino

My name is Phil Billetta. I love your pretzels. My girlfriend really loves them too so i just wanted to reach out and tell you how amazing they are. I purchase your pretzels at Foresta’s Meat market in Phoenixville, PA, and will continue to do so. I’m actually making a web purchase after I’m done writing this message. Again, thanks for these pretzels that literally make me say “omg”, with every bite.

Phil Billetta

These pretzels are crazy delicious! I literally said OMG! before I read the label with your company name. I will for sure be a customer. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Katrina Perry

I want to leave my testimonial for others so they know how great of a product you have. I always buy the Garlic flavored as I LUV them to pieces! If you like garlic, these pretzels hit the mark! Keep up the good work!

Dug Harpster

I’m halfway done my first bag of Garlic Sourdough, bought at Collegeville Italian Bakery. HOLY WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Smith

One word, mouthwatering, OMG! Pretzels are amazing the perfect amount of sweet and salty. They are perfect for the office, at home or even on a road trip!

Amber Shong

My husband and I really love OMG! Pretzels. We have them as casual snacks quite often and are absolutely addicted to them! When I buy a new bag I usually buy a second bag to take as a hostess gift when we are invited to visit friends. I especially recommend the Ridiculously Delicious Garlic Sourdough flavor.

Marilyn Bonner

OMG! Pretzels are a family favorite! Our three young children all fight for them and they are a great easy appetizer bite for guests. They don’t last long around our house.

Eric and Joan Wertz

Just tried a bag of your Sweet and Spicy nuggets from the impulse display at McCaffery’s near Newtown Pa. The packaging looked good. Not usually a pretzel fan but THESE are fabulous. Getting more for Fathers Day gathering. Thank you!

Ruth S.

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